BIG FISH KING Grand Launching

December, 11st 2017


Discover the Best Freshwater Fishing game for 2017!
Are you ready to feel the real Fishing experience ?!!!


Grab your rod! Choose your bait! Cast your line! Hook the fish! Reel that fish toward you! Congrats, on breaking your big fishing record~


Experience the thrill of catching a variety of freshwater fish! Venture through the entire world to catch them all! Famous fishing spot from Korea, Indonesia,Vietnam and Thailand! No place is off-limits!

Game Features :

* Feel the real fishing experience
Get hooked on fishing when you must reel big fish out of the water!- Feel the experience when your hook and line are pulled by the fish- Variety of Freshwater Fish, from each country such as River salmon, Korean Bullhead, Gurami Fish, Largemouth Bass, Mekong Giant Catfish, and lot more!- Simple and intuitive interface and controls

* Stunning 3D Graphics
Refresh your eyes with stunning natural scenery, and catch hundred fish from around the World

* Travel around the World
Visit the famous fishing spot from Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand such as Lake Busa, Lake Toba, Thung Sam Roi Yot Marsh, Sai Gon River and more~

* Compete with other player
Competing between other player in fishing tournaments held by each week to reel in the biggest fish and break the records!

* Available on 6 Language
English, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and Chinese

Play Big Fish King Now !