February, 28th 2023


Lyto announced that their latest MMORPG PC game, Luna Online: New World, will start its Commercial Launch in 28th Feb 2023. Luna Online: New World is a cute-themed fantasy online game with various innovative and exciting features, and is divided into three powerful races: Humans, Elves, and Demons. In addition, there are hundreds of cute and cool costume combinations available.

Luna Online: New World is an online game that tells the story of a world called Blueland, inhabited by three races: Humans, Elves, and Demons, and led by a very kind goddess named Luna. One day, this world was attacked by an evil dragon named Tarintus, creating a Civil War where the Demon race rebelled and joined in the attack. In the end, the dragon was defeated and sealed in another dimension, but everything was not over because all the monsters in the world of Blueland became wild and uncontrollable. Therefore, Luna finally called on us all to go on an adventure and defeat the evil monsters in the world of Blueland.

Some features of Luna Online: New World are:
  1. More than 50 class combinations to choose from.
  2. Couple System, designed for those who want to find a loyal partner.
  3. Guild War, where guilds can engage in war anywhere and anytime.
  4. Open PK, there is no safe zone, and anyone can become an opponent.
  5. Castle Siege & Guild Tournament.

There are many other features in Luna Online: New World, such as the ability to own a house, go fishing, fight world bosses, cook, farm, ride mounts, and have pets, all of which can be used to add excitement to the game.